Blaster Master Zero 3


Release: July 29, 2021
Platform: Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Steam®, Epic Games Store
Genre: Action Adventure
Audio: N/A
Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean
Player(s): 1

About the Game

The Blaster Master Zero series answered the call of Metroidvania fans everywhere with the release of Blaster Master Zero 1 and 2, and now the final chapter is here! In Blaster Master Zero 3, the phenomenal NES style pixel art makes its return alongside cutting edge action and gameplay! Hop abroad the all-terrain battle tank G-SOPHIA SV and blast your way through legions of mutants and as you journey into uncharted territory full of new experiences!

Use Jason's new VRV System to plunge into superdimensional space and save Eve once and for all!

Explore the planet with the new all-terrain battle tank G-SOPHIA SV! Uncover the secrets the lie within the depths of the planet Sophia as you blast your way through hordes of mutants! Explore the outer regions of the planet in side-view mode and dive into the planet's deep dungeons in top-view mode! That's two ways to play!
Use the new VRV System to transform reality as you know it! Everything is reversed in this superdimensional space, so throw common sense out the window and clear those stages!
The Blaster Master Zero series comes to its epic culmination! With the Gun Level system introduced in BMZ1 and Blast Counter system introduced in BMZ2 on top of brand new abilities, everything Blaster Master Zero has to offer is packed into this game!

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