Death end re;Quest™ 2

Idea Factory International

Release: 08.25.2020
Platform: PlayStation®4
Genre: Horror RPG
Developer: IDEA FACTORY /
Audio: English, Japanese
Text: English
Player(s): 1

About the Game

A girl escaping a traumatic past finds herself in the eerie mountain town of Le Choara to find her sister. She soon discovers the sleepy town awakens at night with terrifying Shadow Matter - though few seem to see them. Can she unearth the town's secret history, or will darkness consume the very fabric of her reality?

Turn-based battles bring back the Knockback System, letting you ricochet enemies around the battlefield and into allies to perform chain attacks and Overkills!
Investigate the secrets of Le Choara's history by day, and battle the nightmares that emerge at night. Can you survive till dawn?
From creatures that give chase in dungeons to the invincible and deadly Berserker, Shadow Matter enemies pose threats from every dark corner of town.

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Death end re;Quest™ 2 for PlayStation®4

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