PM Studios, inc.

Release: October 5, 2021
Platform: PlayStation®4
Xbox Series X|S
Nintendo Switch™
Genre: FPS, Exploration
Developer: Zarc Attack
Audio: English
Text: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugeuse, Japanese, Traditional Chinese
Player(s): 1

About the Game

Explore an abandoned human spaceship that crashed on an unknown planet, as you fight unforgiving hordes of aliens in this brutal retro-inspired fast-paced shooter. Exciting weapon upgrades allow you to uncover new areas and mix up your combat style.

Kill: FPS action where fast reflexes and clever positioning are vital. Learn enemy behavior and use all your movement options and your surroundings to eliminate diverse groups of alien armies as fast as possible or before they kill you.
Upgrade: If you find a specialized room, you can improve your weapon with a new ability. These drastically change your combat tactics and will be used to open up previously inaccessible areas in the spaceship required to progress.
Die: Ruthless difficulty with diverse combat situations with different enemy types and attack patterns, including menacing bosses. When you die, you respawn in the last visited checkpoint in the spaceship, so beware what you might find in the next room.

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