Fight Crab

PLAYISM + Mastiff

Release: Coming to Steam® 07.30.2020 from PLAYISM
Coming soon to Nintendo Switch™ from Mastiff
Platform: PC
Nintendo Switch™
Genre: 3D Fighting Action
Developer: Nussoft
Text: English, Japanese, Chinese
Player(s): 1-4

About the Game

A new 3D action game where you take control of a crab, and fight off other giant enemy crabs.
Physics allows for crabs to move powerfully and quickly in this hardcore battle arena.
Freely control your pincers to use weapons and develop your own crab fighting style.

Take control of a simulated physics-powered crab and take on various opponents in this 3D action game with one basic rule: "flip your enemy over to win".
Featuring 23 types of crab, 48 different weapons, and 11 unique battle stages!
Campaign Mode featuring over 41 battles as well as training, rankings, and more!

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