Guts 'N Goals

PM Studios, inc.

Release: August 31, 2021
Platform: PlayStation®4
Xbox Series X|S
Nintendo Switch™
Genre: Action, Sports
Developer: Code Manu
Audio: English, Spanish (Spain)
Text: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugeuse, Japanese, Traditional Chinese
Player(s): 1 to 4

About the Game

Beat your friends at a game of soccer, literally. Guts 'N Goals mixes arcade-style soccer with beat 'em up gameplay that results in a hilarious way to play soccer locally or online. Choose between 20+ different heroes with unique abilities and score goals by hitting balls with bats.

Different ways to play: Each stadium has a unique way to play a game of soccer. Score a goal with a beach ball on the beach, and hit a hockey puck at the skating rink.
Keeping you on your toes: During each game, random mutators will change the way you play. Mutators can change everything from the ball you’re hitting to the entire game design in a matter of seconds.
There are no penalty cards: Each of the over 20 heroes has a unique ability that can drastically change the tide of a match. You can use these abilities to temporarily KO your opponent, giving you an opportunity to score.

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