Legends of Ethernal™

Natsume Inc.

Release: Fall 2020
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Xbox One
PC/MacOS (Steam®)
Genre: 2D Action-Adventure
Developer: Lucid Dreams Studio
Text: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German
Player(s): 1

About the Game

On a day like any other, a young boy returns home to find it in ruins and his parents gone. Armed with courage and driven by the pain of his loss, he sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind his family's disappearance... But what he discovers will forever change the World of Arkanys.

Explore beautiful 2D hand-crafted environments, solve clever puzzles and battle challenging creatures in this single-player action-adventure game.
Experience a compelling and linear storyline with great characters, while listening to the wonderfully crafted score, produced and recorded by veteran musician William Gough.
Adjust the game's difficulty for a more intense or less difficult experience; whether you're a veteran hardcore mode afficionado or introducing a young one to the genre, play Legends of Ethernal your way.

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