Mary Skelter™ Finale

Idea Factory International

Release: Fall 2021
Platform: Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4
Genre: Dungeon-crawling RPG
Developer: Idea Factory/Compile Heart
Audio: English and Japanese
Text: English
Player(s): 1

About the Game

The stunning conclusion to the dungeon-crawling RPG trilogy, Mary Skelter. After betrayals, parallel timelines, and many thwarted attempts of escaping the living tower known as the Jail, will the Blood Maidens be able to finally escape and get their happily ever after?

Revisit the stories for Mary Skelter and Mary Skelter 2 from the main menu, and catch up on all the events of the previous titles, including sub-events! Plus, get to know the characters even more with the additional romantic visual novel game, "Locked Up in Love".
Explore the Jail from multiple viewpoints and groups of characters, each with their own unique dungeon abilities, dynamics, and skillsets!
Hone the prowess of your parties with the Job system, Zapping, and more - but don't get too comfortable in the dungeons, because nearly-indestructible Nightmares can give chase if they catch your scent…

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