Neptunia™ Virtual Stars

Idea Factory International

Release: 2021
Platform: PlayStation®4
Genre: Hack n Slash
Developer: IDEA FACTORY /
Audio: English, Japanese
Text: English
Player(s): 1

About the Game

Under threat of attack, the protector of a mysterious world sends out an inter-dimensional distress signal. Who better to answer the call than the Gamindustri Goddeses and…virtual idols?! Time for Neptune and friends to save another world in this music-based hack 'n' slash!

Seamlessly switch perspectives between melee and ranged shooter characters in fast-paced hack 'n' slash battles - get an ensemble of combos for more bonuses and greater damage!
Background music can strike notes of harmony or discord in special boss battles, changing battle conditions as it plays. Use it to your advantage and even unlock harmonious group attacks.
Team up with real-life virtual Youtubers and get fans riled up in BeatTik rhythm game performances to save the planet!

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Neptunia™ Virtual Stars for PlayStation®4

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