The Silver Case 2425

NIS America, Inc.

Release: July 6, 2021 (NA)
July 9, 2021 (EU, ANZ*)
*Digital-only release in ANZ
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Genre: Visual Novel
Developer: Active Gaming Media / Grasshopper Manufacture
Audio: N/A
Text: English
Player(s): 1

About the Game

Solve cryptic puzzles and unravel dark truths in this dark duology of crime thrillers from SUDA51.

A Tale of Two Thrillers: Experience renowned game designer SUDA51's take on crime thrillers, and dive into 2 tales filled with cryptic mysteries and seedy criminals.
The Silver Case: Inspired by classic adventure and visual-novel-style games, this unique gameplay experience leads the player through an in-depth story containing various puzzles, allowing you to uncover the truth piece by piece.
The 25th Ward: Follow the threads in a grim psychological thriller and discover the darkness at the heart of Kanto's newly built 25th Ward in this long-lost sequel to The Silver Case.

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