GungHo America

Release: August 12, 2020
Platform: Nintendo Switch™, PC
Genre: Strategy/Action/Simulation
Developer: GungHo America
Audio: N/A
Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplifed Chinese
Player(s): 1 (with online PvP)

About the Game

In Volta-X, fight your way the top of the World Volta Association, the most prestigious robot battling tournament in the world! Build and customize the giant robot you've always dreamed about, while assembling a crew of pilots with different skills and personalities.

Volta-X keeps evolving with new weapons, new crew members, and new robots. Check out the NGPX GungHo stream for a peek at new Volta-X content coming soon!

Unique Battle System! Command your crew to run to the different rooms in your robot where they can fire weapons, use their unique abilities, and repair broken parts in real-time to keep your Volta in fighting shape.
Colossal Customization! Utilitize your huge arsenal of weapons and crew members to their fullest to create the perfect loadout for each battle. With a variety of crew members, robot frames, dozens of weapons, and multiple color schemes per per robot, Volta-X offers nearly infinite options.
Many ways to play! Discover the mysterious origin of the Voltas in Story Mode, fight against players all over the world and move up the leaderboard in competitive PVP battles, and build the ultimate secret base for your crew members to help them train and live out their daily lives in the Headquarters!

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